Kitchen Range Hoods: Buying Guide for Homeowners

Cooking a delicious meal in your kitchen can be very rewarding, but while the scent of a good meal can be very enticing, it is less pleasant if it sticks around your home for days after the meal has been eaten. I am sure you know exactly what I mean by lingering kitchen smells… 😉

kitchen hood

In addition to the smell, cooking can also produce other unpleasant side-effects, such as smoke, grease and moisture. These problems can be avoided by installing a kitchen hood over your cooking range. The hood will draw away the unpleasant smoke, steam and smells from your oven, leaving your kitchen free of bad odors and grime.

How kitchen hoods work

A kitchen hood uses a fan to move the air. These fans may be rotary, centrifugal or axial. A rotary fan is a conventional looking bladed fan.

A centrifugal fan is shaped like a barrel and it is the quietest and most efficient option. An axial fan is a type of bladed fan that has an outer ring. It is quieter than a normal rotary fan, but less expensive than a centrifugal fan.

Axial fans are a good option if you are looking for a hood that is less noisy and more effective than the cheapest rotary fans, but cannot afford to buy a centrifugal fan.

Comparing Range Hoods

Kitchen hoods can be compared to one another in terms of the rate at which they move the air. This is usually measured in terms of the cubic feet of air that are moved per minute. The cubic feet per minute or CFM is a good way of determining how effective a kitchen hood will be at removing smoke and smells. The higher the CFM of a kitchen hood, the more effective it will be. If you use a gas powered cooktop, you will need a more powerful kitchen hood than if you use an electric cooktop.

Power Considerations

The rate at which the kitchen hood can extract air from the kitchen should be matched to the size of the room. Larger rooms will need more powerful extractor fans in order to prevent bad odors. You can calculate the volume of your kitchen by multiplying its height by its length and width.

You should be able to approximate the volume very easily, even if your kitchen is slightly irregular in shape. Once you know the size of your kitchen, you can work out how powerful the fan needs to be in order to achieve the rate of extraction you need.

You should aim to choose a kitchen hood that is capable of completely replacing or cleaning the air in the kitchen at least eight times every hour, although more powerful fans which can replace the air at least twelve times an hour will be better, if you can afford them.

You can work out how much air a kitchen hood can extract per hour by multiplying its CFM by 60. If you are looking for a kitchen hood that can change the air in your kitchen twelve times an hour then this number should be at least twelve times as great as the volume of your kitchen.

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Top Kitchen Tile Design Ideas

If you’ve been thinking about replacing your old, boring tiles with some new stylish ones, then read on learn how to pick the right style for your kitchen. After all, there are so many types of tiles out there! 😉

spacious kitchen with two backsplashes

First and foremost, before you rush and pick the first available tile type that seems to fit the bill, you need to keep the following in mind:

You don’t have to stick with a plain kitchen tile design. A new set of tiles and a unique tile design can dramatically change the appearance of your whole kitchen. Let’s go through some exciting ideas to get you started! 🙂 Are you ready?

French Way

French country kitchen tiles

A French country kitchen design is a classic, sophisticated scheme that is delicate and welcoming. What’s very typical of French kitchens is the black-and-white, checkerboard tiles design. Black-and-white checkerboard tiles are great for producing an eclectic appearance to any kitchen. This kitchen tile design concept often involves a mix of repeating patterns. You can have black-and-white checkerboard tile flooring either laid diagonally or straight in your kitchen.

French country wall and floor tiles

Going Greek

Greek mosaics have usually been employed for interior design, decorative art or cultural/spiritual designs. They date back hundreds of years ago. When you create a mosaic, you are making a unique piece of art incomparable to another. You may incorporate metal, glass, stone or pieces of other materials that you want to mix together into your work.

Porcelain mosaic glass kitchen tiles

You don’t have to produce a design of a tangible item or give a balanced layout. However, you do have to plan your concept. You could have larger items for a centerpiece and surround it with smaller tiles for your backsplash. Any kitchen tile or item you incorporate must be of a shape that will fit among the other items being employed. Attempt to fit everything together in a uniform way.

Any decorative concept should be laid out in a pattern on a board first before applying permanently to your backsplash or flooring. You may buy pre-designed mosaic designs for a faster and easier project.

Italian Beauty

How about adding a touch of Tuscany to your kitchen?

A gorgeous tuscan kitchen

Royal Treatment

Look up back-painted glass tiles, and you’ll discover some of the most beautiful and sophisticated tiles to ever emerge in the market. Back-painted glass is basically glass that is painted on the backside and then baked or sealed.

The color shines through with a depth, gloss and luminosity that are highly attractive. Something like a glass tile back-painted with a glossy red background and gold, leafy design exudes elegance and something you might see in a castle or mansion. On the other hand, modern homeowners may go for a plain color that shows through with a luminous effect.

Rustic Warmth

If you want to go for the cozy and inviting charm of rustic kitchens, you don’t always have to stick with wooden flooring. Do you know there are now ceramic tiles that actually look like wood? These are often termed as faux wood ceramic tiles. They are available in a wide range of stained or weathered, flat or 3-dimensional surfaces. One good reason to work with faux wood ceramic tiles is their durability. Another is that this type of material is very easy to clean and maintain.