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Top 10 Creative Ways to Reduce the Cost of Kitchen Remodeling

If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen during the upcoming Spring, then undoubtedly the overall cost of your project is an important point of consideration for you, especially now that it has just become apparent that the US economy is still rather turbulent, with the stock market recently erasing 7% on the trade war worries and then gaining back 5% last week.

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Moral of the story here is that if you are going to remodel your home, you need to approach any remodeling decision with good planning, financial savvy and prudence. Well, enough with the small talk already! Here are some helpful and practical ways to keep your kitchen remodeling costs in check during this Fall and Winter season.

1. Go for the Lower-Cost Alternatives

Instead of buying expensive products right away, you should at least try to look for cheaper ones that look just as good as the expensive counterparts. You do not necessarily have to go for the cheapest alternative in order to keep your costs down.

You only have to determine top brands of products that offer the best value for the amount you are willing to pay.

2. Consider Do It Yourself Route

It’s hardly a surprise that many professional kitchen remodeling companies and general contractors charge very high fees for their design and build services, so it may be best to just make the kitchen remodeling a DIY project if you are on a really tight budget. Some of the tasks that you can do are painting, installing new flooring, and replacing hardware. You might want to leave the electrical work to professionals though, as a slightest mistake may cause a house fire.

3. Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets may not have to be replaced at all. If the damages are minor, you can simply repair them yourself. For a new look, you can sand the cabinets down to the bare wood and paint or stain them with a new color. In addition, you can choose to replace the knobs with stylish handles to make the cabinets look different than they were before.

If the cabinets are broken and must be replaced, it would be a good idea to install solid wood fronts or particle board boxes. Not using hardwood will help you save around $200 to $400 on each cabinet.

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